Organic Onion Hair Oil with Bio-actives

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COREVEDA PROFESSIONALS Organic Onion Hair Oil with Red Oinion Rose Argan Extract Bioactive Complete Hair Care Oil By Corevision

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Product Information

COREVEDA PROFESSIONALS Organic Onion Hair Oil with Red Oinion Rose Argan Extract Bioactive Complete Hair Care Oil By Corevision

Product Details

Series Professionals
Concern Bioactive Complete Hair care
Free From Harmful Chemicals
Quality Premium
Packing Style Bottle With Black Closer Cap
Not Tested On Animals
Shipping Within 3 Working Days
Delivery Within 7-10 Working Days
Country of Origin India


kajal Tak


Used This COREVEDA PROFESSIONALS Newly Launched Onion Oil twice, and i must say im already impressed by the results ! It prevents hair loss, helps control premature greying, dryness, dandruff, scalp eruptions and many other hair problems after its regular use ! To avoid dry and frizzy hair, make sure that you use this oil to your hairs twice a week. Oiling provides your scalp with essential nutrients, and also strengthens the hair roots. COREVEDA Organic Onion Hair Oil With Bioactives works best for your hair during all the seasons. I must recommend it?



Amazing oil with superb Aroma

This oil has 18 ingredients which includes Coconut Oil, Seasame Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Red Onion Oil, Amal Extract, Argan Oil, Bhringraj Extract, Brahmi Extract, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Rose Oil , Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Neem Oil, Lavender Oil, Rose Mary Oil, Hibiscus Oil & Vitamin E. This has very soothing touch with superb Aroma. Should be used on a daily basis before sleeping so that it gets penetrated in the inner roots. Amazing product.



monika mathur

COREVEDA ONION HAIR OIL™ Hair Oil is a blend of selected herbs which strengthens Hair Roots, Controls Hair Fall, and Stimulates Hair Growth. Nutrition enriched oil makes COREVEDA ONION HAIR OIL ™ a complete solution to Hair Problems like hair fall, dull and dry hair, split ends, and thinning of hair. Well nurtured Hair Roots will give beautiful, lustrous, healthy hair which adds beauty and gives signature personality.i must recommend it

Vrinda Sharma


Inexorable & Neccessary CoreVeda Onion Hair oil

COREBEAUTY❤️ onion oil is very good for hair growth with rose fragrance? .the grandeur's onion oil is really good option for hair massage ?at nigh before bed tym .i just few days I've noticed visible effect on my hair nd i feel ?the difference now nd onion oil nourishes scalp .❤️

Khushboo Joshi



I want to share my personal experience with you all which is the best response I've received so far. I have an acquaintance, he took an onion oil one n half months before today and started using it.After some time, when my mother and I complimented him, that your hair growing well and your Hair growth is visible.At that time, he just passed a smile and let the thing go. (Like इनके products है तो compliment देंगे ही)? But recently he went to his hairdresser and his hairdresser said, " सर आपके बाल आना शुरु हो गए। क्या लगा रहे हो? That moment was the most pleasant for him.He said that I am using coreveda's hair onion oil And then the same day he came to my home and ordered another onion oil.? Now he is a distributor customer. Thank you so much corevision for giving us such an amazing quality products which gives us instant results.❤❤ 5 Golden ????? for this product.?

Bhawana Sharma


Imminent Product Of Coreveda By Corevision Is:- Herbal Onion Hair Oil

Revive dull damaged and unhealthy hair. It's nutritive formula reaches deep to strengthen the strands, reducing hair loss and enhancing the Quality of hair and Scalp Eruptions. Coreveda Organic Onion Hair Oil With Bioactives works BEST for our hairs during the all seasons. Thank you COREVEDA ORGANIC ONION OIL WITH BIOACTIVE ??



Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth & Hair Fall Control 200 ml

It's a very good product from coreveda . The oil gives your hair full strength and Perfect shine . Onion are rich in sulphur that Add up the strength of hair root and holds The hair preventing hairless. Suitable for all type hair .



Go pure & empower your hair

The oil is a blessing for all of the esteemed people who really wish to avoid chemicals & admire their hair. It contains 18 important nutritional ingredients like coconut oil, seasame seed oil, sunflower oil, Red onion oil, Amal extract, Argan oil, Bhringraj Extract Brahmi extract, Almond oil, Shea butter, Rose oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Neem Oil, Lavendar Oil, Rosemary Oil, Hibiscus Oil & Vitamin E extracts. Purely works to facilitate important aspects like anti dandruff & anti hair fall with great results.



Amezing onion oil for reduce the hair fair

Onion oil is one of the best product It is very effectively it has greatly reduced my hair fall It is nonstocky it is also grows new hair



The best onion oil in India without a doubt. Just love how Coreveda onion hair oil contains natural ingredients.and this is 100%pure Now I am feeling so great that I am using Coreveda onion oil. Thanks COREVISION for give me this best product.

Diksha Verma


Best hair oil I had ever use♥️

Coreveda organic onion oil is best hair oil for all hair types??.... 4 months before I'm suffering from heavy hair fall after using this oil my hair fall stopped?........ It's a non sticky and light weight hair oil..... It's easy to absorve and Nourish the sclap. I must recommanded to all use this hair oil for long,healthy and strong hairs.? Thank You corevision????

Shruti Meena


It actually works for me .... For me it's like a magical product offcourse because I have used a lot of products even onion oil from other brand but the level of satisfaction with this product is on another level.. It actually reduce my hair fall in short time period and it voulmized my hair from the first use....



I am using this oil for a while now. This has really made a huge difference. My hair have never felt this soft my whole life. It has not only made my hair soft but also has reduced my hairfall to a huge extent...



Amazing product my customer line feedback is osm for the core vision products they are using n ordering continuously 🥰

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