Keratin Smooth Perfect Hair Shampoo

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COREBEAUTY PROFESSIONALS Keratin Smooth Perfect Hair Shampoo with Special Strength COREBEAUTY By Corevision

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Product Information

COREBEAUTY PROFESSIONALS Keratin Smooth Perfect Hair Shampoo with Special Strength COREBEAUTY By Corevision

Product Details

Series Professionals
Concern Hair Nourishment
Free From Sulphate and Parabens
Quality Premium
Packing Style Bottle with Silver Dispensing Pump
Not Tested On Animals
Shipping Within 3 Working Days
Delivery Within 7-10 Working Days
Country of Origin India


Khushboo Joshi


Wow :)

I would just like to say that you can't buy this high quality product keratin shampoo from the market at such a small price. The result is WOW?

kajal Tak


This is my second time purchase of this product and I just love it. It does what it claims all that we should give is just time to get it work. See as a customer I want to say something that nothing will change anything just in one night we should do our efforts and should give time to get the perfect results and am using this product more than two months as of now and trust me it is making the difference in my hair fall. Not instantly but gradually controlling my hair fall for some extent and reducing dandruff too and hope will give me a permanent solution to my problem with my regular usage. Best thing is am using a natural organic product without Sulphate Parabens and harmful chemicals. I just love it❤️ COREBEAUTY Keratin Smooth Perfect Hair Shampoo is fabulous.



Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.

This shampoo is completely organic which is free from sulphate & parabens. This shampoo is white, creamy and very easy to apply. I am completely in love with the feminine salon like fragnance which stays on my hair for 2-3 days . I have used almost all brands of shampoo this is actually one of the best shampoo that I have used till date . It literally gives me the feeling of virgin hair after a wash . It makes my hair incredibly straight, smooth, shiny, settled and manageable hair. My hair was completely curly and damaged. I couldn't leave my hair open without straightening and I had made my hair worse by continuously straightening it on my hair. Then I started applying wella shampoo. I used to use wella shampoo for last 3-4 years and its cost was about 1500-2000Rs. Per month which cost me alot. But still I didn't get the better results which I want After that I got complete highlights on my hair also , after getting highlights my hair got more worse. Then someone suggest me COREBEAUTY KERATIN SHAMPOO and I started applying it. Really the results, that I didn't get from wella from 3 years , I got much better results than wella from COREBEAUTY KERATIN SHAMPOO within 2 or 3 usages. This shampoo made my hair straight , shiny and presentable after every wash which no brand shampoo has been able to make my hair till date. I would advice all of you that anyone who has curly and damaged hair and they want to straighten their hair , so only COREBEAUTY KERTAIN SHAMPOO should be used, because this is luxurious high quality shampoo with lesser prices in the market. I have been using this shampoo for last 7 months and the results I have received are the ultimate results from this shampoo. SO LET YOUR HAIR DO THE TALKING.



Here , On the off chance that you are searching for the best shampoo for damaged hair, your answer is directly here. corebeauty keratin Intense Repair Shampoo is uncommonly detailed to treat harmed tresses from somewhere inside. It rapidly exiles split finishes, causing your hair look and to feel smoother, more grounded, and more beneficial. fabulous shampoo at such lower price with fabulous quality ♥️

Saloni yadav


This shampoo is really fantastic proctect the hair from sun and other polluted environment, it also help in rebounding and helps in smoothing the hair ..i really satisfy with this product and i also recommended to use corebueaty products ..... it is amazing



Gorgeous hair is the best revenge..!

This shampoo is the best shampoos that i have used. I have used almost all the shampoos! This is actually one of THE BEST shampoo that i have used till date! It literally gives me the feeling of virgin hair after a wash and makes my hair incredibly smooth, shiny and manageable. Although i don't get a lot of frizziness, whatever little i have is completely taken care of by this beauty! I have actually used this without any conditioner a few times and it did not make my hair a bird's nest. The effect stays on for about 2-3 days. I have thin hairs , after 2 days it weighs down my hair slightly and they start looking flat. I can completely overlook that because of how my hair love this shampoo. It's also very easy to style my hair when i use this shampoo?

Reena Mehra


Keratin perfect Hair Shampoo

Great product and does show results I do have little wavy hair but this shampoo really straighten them up...Thanku so much core beauty this is Amazing shampoo



Amezing keretein shampoo by corebeauty

This is awesome shampoo I use keretein shampoo it makes my hair glossy it repair my hair it reduces my hair breakage

Tamanna Khanna


Awesome shampoo

I m using this shampoo since last few months and this shampoo makes my hair so smooth and soft. This is the best shampoo for frizzy and unmanageable hairs as it makes your hairs shiny, smooth, and completely nourished. This Shampoo is best in budget and gives u proper haircare. My favourite shampoo since i have started using it. ?

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